Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I'll be on a long long long hiatus as my fingers and mind are lazy for this space.
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keep safe people,

Sunday, July 18, 2010



come come buy something from juicemarket. i love almost everything, again. haha that's why its my online store right, cos i pick things i like. and thank you nana for the pix! you're just awesome (:

Tomorrow i'm doing my third shoot for fyndle, and i hope i can pose properly and pix will turn out well. Have i mentioned that fyndle's owner, tiffany, is really nice? I like her (:

Anyways, today daniel popped out at my place and gave me a big long hug. It's been what seemed forever since i last saw him. I think it was tuesday? And boy, we miss each other so much. I got off the phone with my supplier soon after d came in, and just tiptoe to plant a kiss on him and embraced him for so long. Yes, i miss him... so much. We had a simple day together, i was just sitting on him on my couch and we just looked at each other and talked the whole day, had lunch together at the coffeeshop near my place, and went back to my place to sleep. Even though he was right beside me, i was waiting him to sleep first so i could hear his snore and think about him to sleep. Midway sleeping, i felt him stroking my shoulders and went back to sleep. Now, he's out with his sec schoolmates while i stay home to recuperate. Oh, the fever please go away.

I am currently on a mission to curb my nasty temper and be a happier person. I've been angsty lately, for the past few months or maybe a year. My temper got a lot worse, like a lot. I've become a lot more cynical and judgemental, sad and regretful to say. And i've become a lot more skeptical in friendships, which i won't conclude as a bad things. We fall, and we learn. That's life, it's never pretty and sweet all the time. Today is day #2 of curbing temper, and it's been going extremely well. Mm it's too early for substantial results, but i dare say i'm happier like that.

And one good way to end my night is a message from vera bby.

''... hahah i wanna hang out with yall everyday too. Makes me happy. Like happy family! Hahah"

Vera, fiona, kirk. These three are currently and has always been my happy pills. True friends, and that's what i want. As for another close friend, i'm just waiting for us to make things better. Above all, i love y'all.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Nineteen... going on twenty now.

Happy birthday, me.
I'd always wanted simple birthdays, simple yet expressive cards, gifts that holds a meaning and not value. No one really understands why, but thank god daniel does after explaining to him. I shall share here why i don't want/appreciate lavish birthday parties and expensive gifts.
1. It's the thought that counts. [for friends, and somewhat good friends]
As cliche as this may sound, it's very true. If we are just friends or somewhat good friends, it would mean just enough for you to remember my birthday and wish me through sms, and maybe throw in a sweet little message. If you(good friends that is) can't even wish me, it shows how good a friend you are. To even know that you remember and bothered to whip out your phone to wish me, is a job done for me.
2. Time [ for close friends, and bestfriend]
These people are the closest friends i have, and again i don't need any material gifts. I just want to spend time with my close friends, have a little dinner or something. Just time. But i won't appreciate it if you're using i.e my birthday party to socialise or something.
I'd very much prefer diy cards, self baked cakes to premade cards. It just shows me a lot more.
3. Just wish me and show me you love me [family]
To me, it's very important that my family remembers my birthday and just wish me. And show me you love me, like this year, my sister made me a cake. I don't ask for anything materialistic from my family at all although they are the ones who can afford the most for the things i want. This year, i wasn't home for a few days for my birthday and mummy didn't text me happy birthday at all so i got really sad on the way home. When i got home, i saw a red packet on my dressing table and it says
"happy birthday kaykay, love mummy"
I was happy to tears because i'm really glad my mum remembers(she kinda forgot my birthday last year so it means a lot to me this year if she even remembers). I wasn't happy because she gave me money, but simply because she remembers. I really don't care the amount in the red packet. Be it $1000, $100 or even $10, i will be equally contented.
4. Love me and spend alone time with me [boyfriend]
I had came to realisation a few years back that oddly, the one thing that i must have with my boyfriend on my birthday, is a birthday dinner with just him. And again, i'll say no to any materialistic gifts. This year, it came stronger than ever before. I told D to not get me anything at all cos materialistic things will really just be part of all the materialistic things i already have. What? Get me clothes, accessories, bags, shoes, wallet which i can get it myself? What meaning does that materialistic gift holds after some time? It will just be part of my 'collection of bags' no?
D knows what matters most to me, and he executed it perfectly well to make me happy. You shall see more belowww (:
Above all and others, thank you Daniel Tan Susheelan for everything and your utmost love.

10th july - 11th july
Spent some time with my close friends and other friends at zouk. I kinda wish i didn't spend it at zouk, and i know i most likely never will want to but because this is kinda the only place to get all my close friends together. Thank you for spending time with me, you kitties who were there.
i love you bb.

and my precious vera, thank you for everything. i luv you. it'd be perfect is fi was there too, i miss you and luv you too.

Luv you gerri and nat, and i'm really glad we can still be close after what happened to me and S.
Thank youuu elton for coming down too. <:

vera's lazer ink.

Headed back to daniel's house with him after clubbing.
And his first surprise for me is

oreo cheesecake he baked
and big cards he made with photos.

It may not mean anything to any of you, but it means a great deal to me. Many of you don't know daniel well enough but i do which is why i appreciate these things he does for me. He isn't the kinda guy who'd get down to work in the kitchen or to any diy stuff. In fact, how many guys do you know who actually does that. The effort that he put in the buy the ingredients for the cake in the supermarket, the afternoon he spent to make the cake, and others. It is very unlike him to do such things, super unlike. The fact that he remembers i like oreo cheesecake and handmade cards and got down to doing it just makes me appreciate him so much more.
I kinda knew that i was gonna have oreo cheesecake for my birthday but i thought he'd have bought it instead of making it.
I love you daniel, and this may seem like an overreaction to you but trust me, i appreciate it alot.
11 July
Surprise from my friends, which kinda flopped because i'm too smart at guessing. Haha kidding, but it's really hard for me to get surprised.

Kirk twin, you're another gem to me. and i love you. i'll be here for you like how you always have been there for me.

That night, he stayed over at my place. And the next day, he brought me to donna carmella for my birthday dinner(:

they serve fine italian food. The pasta didn't wow me, but i sure loved the soup and salad. Oh, not to mention the ambience!

I was pestering him to go island creamery cos i was craving for their nutella ice cream. Heheh, after that we went back to my place to grab my clothes and we cabbed down to his place. Yes, i stayed over at his place that night again. Hahah.

When i was lying dead like a log on his bed at 8am, he woke me up to tell me that he's going to school for his attachment and gave me a kiss on my forehead. I woke up and walked him to his door, gave him a long tight hug in my most sleepiest mode ever.

You see, these are the things i enjoy the most. For 4 days 3 nights, i have you by my side to sleep and to wake up to. Almost everynight, i will pat him and talk him to sleep and every morning, i will be awoken with a kiss on my forehead and a pair of beautiful eyes looking at me arise, embracing my morning in the most wonderful way ever. Just being able to spend 4 days with you can be a great birthday itself. I love you, and you wonder what my birthday wish was about. You say you don't believe in birthday wishes, i don't too but i will take any chance for us to last.

Of course, my wish wasn't just about him. I got a little greedy with god, and made two wishes. One about him, and another about my loved ones.

I won't say this birthday was the best out of every others but this birthday made me see a lot of things i need to see. Reality and truth slapped me hard in my face on my 19th, but now that i'm a year older i will deal with this truth with courage and strength.

All i can say is, i don't want to waste time on people/things who don't even bother.

Some things i can salvage for old times sake, but for others i am willing to let go simply because i don't see genuinity in you or our friendships.

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Thursday was my I&E project day in school, so we had to sell mainly brand new havaianas! it's pretty coool and business was good (Y). thank you to those who came down(:
It was pretty fun at first, but it just got mad hot and tiring after noon.
twin came to find me also (:
jonathan and jason.

K so that was pretty much my thurs. Yesterday i went to buy stocks for juicemarket but there's hardly any nice stuff so i have to go somewhere else later to hunt! Headed to D's school for lunch and then to his place to crash. Now, we really treasure each day we get to spend together because his attachment plus my other school/work commitments are draining out time and energy out. So yesterday was definitely a day well spent. We crashed for 3 hours straight, had dinner at his place, sat at his sunken lounge to chitty chitty bang bang for 2 hours. There's something about us when we are together i can't describe. Everything else but him seems like a blur when i'm with him.

And i told him that, it's pretty important to have someone whose face you like. No, i'm not talking about finding or having a handsome boyfriend or pretty/hot girlfriend. I don't believe in that. Looks were never really important to me since long time ago. What i mean is, a face you like. I've found it, and i realise even more how important it really is. It makes me stare in admiration for seconds/minutes. It still looks pleasantly nice to me even when his hair's in a mess after soccer or gyming, or when he wakes up look groggy. It's still the face i like. Of course, deep within and beneath, there are more important things like our chemistry and his character.

Oh wells.

Anyways i'm meeting cailing soon for lunch +stock shopping + own shopping. Then i'mma head home to study while she works, and meet her and other friends again tonight to party. It's beeen supah long since i zouked and i can't wait to see all my close friends! yummerz.

Tmr's my birthday, and i really don't feel anything at all. In fact, ever since i was 15(?), i totally stopped getting excited over my own birthday already. Hahah. But i'm just excited to spend the day with D tmr. My wish list/ present list for my birthday : none. I don't need any material gifts from friends or family cos i prefer getting them myself. It'd be just fine if yall wish me, write me a card with messages inside, and for me to spend some time or have dinner with close friends. And, i really wish this time my mum will remember my birthday cos she forgot last year :x

k tata, i gotta bounce to meet bb. have a nice weekend kitties , xx!

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

you blow my mind.

Youre on my mind more than I may show
Youre in my heart more than you may know
And the last thing that I want,
Is to you to fall apart.
To you I will be clearer,
I want you to remember.

In each tear
Theres a lesson, (theres a lesson)
Make you wiser than before ( wiser)
Makes you stronger than you know (stronger)
In each tear (each tear)
Bring you closer to your dreams
No mistake, no heartbreak
Can take away what your meant to be

We cant change the things,
That we done thats in the past.
But fighting wont get us anyway.
So if you want, Heres my hand

Every night there is one thing I do
I bow my head and pray for you (pray for you)
And the last thing that I want,
Is for you to fall apart
To you I will be clearer
I want you to remember
xx, i love you .

Monday, July 05, 2010

title : i haven't brushed my teeth yet hahahahah

Hahahah check out the title of this post. Yes wazzzup i haven't brushed my teeth ever since i got up about an hour ago cos i'm very lazy. Yes yes point finger and cover nose at me fo all you want. I shall brush later when i feel like it hehehehehe maybe when i'm ready for all the durians at home.
Hahah i'm going to the doctors later to get my mc. imagine i tell him i got sore throat, and i have to say 'ahhhhh' while he sticks his ice cream stick into my mouth. oooo lala i think my breath will kill him (that's if i don't brush my teeth WHICH I DEFINITELY WILL BRUSH LATER BEFORE GOING OUT). Hahaha it's just a thought oh wells.

myra and i killing boredom midway through project meeting hehe.
her eyes are the size of pamela anderson's missiles haha.

Met jovene and victoria for dinner at holland everything with fries on a thurs(i think) after my shoot with tiffany. jiayi accompanied for the shoot cos she knows nicholas(who's the other boss), and he sent me down to hv after that! Meowww shoot was quite nice, tiff and nic are also very nice people (:
One egg soup! the only thing i will rave about at ewf besides the skinny wings!
jovene and i(:
Yesterday, i went to daniel's after not seeing each other for 3 long days. Had dinner at his house, his mummy cooked fried rice then talked to his family for 2 hours. After that, both of us went out to have our second dinner at fat boys. He's been wanting to eat there for 8 months already, but never really had a chance or time to.

Here's my 100% salted pork patty with blue cheese and onion ring inside.
we are ugreh people.

Sucha great night with daniel last night. (: we're always laughing 24/7 whenever we're together.

oh wells, anyways i gotta catch the doctor soon. tata.